Monday, November 23, 2015

A Mrs. Meyer's Bargain at Target this week

Mrs. Meyer's is on sale at Target this week:  buy three, get one free.  Regular price around here is a stiff $4.79 a bottle for either the dish soap or liquid hand soap.  I had that $10 gift card from last week's shopping trip (you got one too, right?) plus a $2 off any target shopping trip coupon, so I walked away with eight bottles of Mrs. Meyer's for a cool $16 (and change).  I love a bargain!

I am particular about scent and only like the lavender scent in Mrs. Meyer's products, but I noticed the holiday scents were out so I gave 'cranberry' and 'Iowa pine' a sniff.  I liked them both.  Larry didn't care for the Iowa pine, so just the cranberry came home with us.  It will be a nice change, for a change.  Give them a sniff and see what you think.

Let me know about your Target deals in the comments below.

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