Thursday, November 12, 2015

Adventures in Water Kefir, Part Two

Adventures in Water Kefir, Part Two

The water kefir grains I purchased from Cultures for Heath are really coming along nicely.  This past week, I have had very tasty, more than slightly bubbly flavored water kefir -- about a quart every other day.  The overall number of grains has increased and I think I am ready to step up to brewing half of a gallon at a time rather than a quart.

 Brewing -- the grains rest at the bottom

Water kefir is different from brewing kombucha in that your turn-around time is 36-48 hours rather than a week, so smallish batches seem to be the way to go.  I did purchase a kombucha 'mother' from Cultures for Heath and it is currently sitting in a jar (in a dark cupboard) with brewed liquid for 30 days.  Once it's activated, I will be able to brew a gallon or more at a time (which appears to take about a week.  I have more studying to do).

So, back to water kefir...I think brewing 1/2 a gallon every two days will be enough for the two of us on a regular basis.  On hot days, we would definitely like to drink more, but at some point, it would get rather problematic to brew more than that amount in a small kitchen because it takes up space and requires daily tasks (unlike kombucha).

That being said, the flavor is delicious and it is dead easy to make.
A glass of water kefir after second fermentation with papaya juice

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