Saturday, November 7, 2015

Arbor Day purchases

We had a great time yesterday in Kurtistown at Plant It Hawaii's semi annual sale.

Lots of exotic fruit plants for sale.  Our yard is currently gravel with a small lawn in back.  The house was a rental for years and the yard has that "rental bullet proof yard look".  At least there is no agapanthus to deal with.  We also have no snails, semi-snails, fire ants, or mosquitoes.  Gravel in the front yard was also perfect when it came time to have our container delivered.

So we basically have a clean slate (well, a slate covered in gravel) on which to work.  So we rolled up our sleeves and went shopping.  Along one side of the house we will have a hedge of surinam cherries.  They are great for eating and even better for jam making.

In the back, we will have three varieties of lilikoi (passionfruit), fig, jaboticaba (also good for jam), honey tangerine (dwarf), tahitian lime (dwarf), and apple banana (also dwarf).  In the front yard we are planting an ulu (breadfruit).  Most everything came in gallon-sized grow bags and are ready to go in the ground.  We need to find some bamboo to create a trellis for the lilikoi and some rocks to protect the ulu.

We also planted tall, clumping bamboo in the back to create a natural fence.  We bought a couple of varieties and they will look beautiful in a few years.

As our street is narrow, cars approaching from opposite directions have been used to pulling into our front yard to let another car pass.  That poor breadfruit tree doesn't stand a chance unless we add some large rocks to define the area and protect the tree.

As we continue to develop the yard, I will post updates.

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