Monday, November 9, 2015

Hawaii Electric Light plant giveaway

Arbor Day Plant Giveaway

We visited the Hawaii Electric Light office in Hilo on Saturday and picked up a couple of plants. Nearly all plants we have brought onto the property have been edible plants or plants that serve a specific purpose. The white hibiscus is one of our first ornamentals. The white hibiscus, specifically Hibiscus arnottianus or kokiʻo keʻokeʻo ("kokiʻo means white like the shine of silver") is one of the only species of hibiscus with fragrance. I have never smelled one and will have to be patient. The plant has about three leaves and is tiny! Apparently these plants were propagated from cuttings from the specimen at UH Hilo. Maybe a year from now I can let you know what it smells like!

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