Thursday, December 31, 2015

Celebrating the New Year in Hawaii

Many places around the United States celebrate the New Year in similar ways.  We do all of those things in Hawaii too, but also add in some wonderful customs from around the world.
In celebration of the New Year, we will be lighting a string of 5,000 firecrackers in our front yard.  You can bet I will be filming it.  And posting it.

Setting off fireworks in Hawaii is limited in many areas.  On the Big Island, you must first purchase a $25 permit and adhere to some very specific rules about where you can light them.  This permit is good for about a 24 hour period right at New Years.  Guess what?  If you want to set off fireworks for the Fourth of July, you'll need another $25 permit.  

With permit in hand, you can head to any number of places to purchase long strings of firecrackers and other, more standard fare, of fireworks.  Which is precisely what we did.

We will also be enjoying mochi.

Lots of places have mochi pounding celebrations where one can participate or just observe.  I'll link a video of mochi pounding.

There was a buddhist temple near where we lived in Norther California.  Every year folks would show up at the emergency room with mochi pounding injuries and from the video you can see why.  Most injuries were minor and they always showed up with fresh mochi for the staff!

Last year I purchased a Mochi Maker for Larry.  I know he's been thinking about making some mochi from scratch.  Maybe this is the year he'll do it.  

I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful New Year and let me know how you celebrate in the comments below!

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