Saturday, December 12, 2015


In Hilo, you hear the rain first.  

Looking out the window, you can see it a block away heading toward you.  Sometimes it approaches so slowly when you look outside, you can see it's raining next door but not here. Yet.

Sometimes the rain is like a quiet mist and you just hear the faint drip drip as the rain drops from the roof to the ground.  

Sometimes the rain POUNDS SO LOUD you cannot hear anything else.  Literally nothing else.  The television is drowned out by the din.  We used to try turning it up or pausing it, now we mostly just leave the closed captioning on and move on with our lives.

Sometimes it rains for so long the walls and floors inside our home become damp from the high humidity.  I've found those are good days to bake something in the oven and use a fan to blow the warm air throughout the house.  

I try not to worry about it too much since this home has been here since 1938.  

Mostly I like the rain.  Mostly.  When it rained (for what seemed) all day every day for 10 days straight earlier this month, I started to wonder just a teeny bit.  That's normal, right?

I have heard stories that it rained for over 40 days straight a few years ago.  I am girding my loins for an epic run of rain like that.  I should explain that 'rain' in that context means rain all day, not just gentle rain at night.  

Hilo gets over 110 (some sources say more) inches of rain a year.  November is the rainiest month with over 15 inches on average.  I have visited Hilo in November when it's been a drought and the waterfalls were nearly bone dry.  During another November visit, we stayed near a river and it rained so much, I thought I would go crazy from the constant loud sound of rushing water.  A good thing to know if you are going to buy a house here.

University of Hawaii Library has an Index of Rains in the Hawaiian language. 
The document is ten pages long.  

I guess that makes me at the end of a long line of people waxing poetic about rain in Hawaii.

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