Monday, January 25, 2016

Making Babies - Pineapple Style

We eat pineapple nearly every day for breakfast.  We go through a pineapple about every two days.  We've been here since September, so you can imagine we have collected quite a few pineapple tops.  

Pineapples are bromeliads and if you are patient, you can re-plant the tops and grow more pineapple. can see my master plan, right?  By now, I envisioned an entire crop of baby pineapples in our backyard.  Well, to grow a pineapple you must be patient.

This is a pineapple top that is a few months old.  It took that long to get the roots to grow -- and the roots need to grow before they can be planted.

We have also started some pineapple seeds. They don't often appear in pineapples, but we have come across a few and are germinating them on some paper towel in a jar.  It takes 30 days for them to sprout and we finally have some with cotyledons.  We just transferred them to potting mix.

So if you come to visit, we will still be eating pineapples from the farmer's market for a couple of years, but eventually we will have our own production.

Now, if we can only keep the neighbors from swiping them in the middle of the night when they are ripe!  No joke.

Have a terrific day wherever you are!

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