Monday, January 18, 2016

Mohinders Shoes -- Product Review

Mohinders Shoes - Women's Flats

Cruising around Instagram in December, I came across an interesting company called Mohinders Shoes.  I was intrigued and checked out their website. 

They offer handmade leather shoes made in India.  

Typically, I am disappointed with small shoe companies as I wear a size 11 women's shoe and many companies don't makes shoes bigger than a women's size 10.  I really liked the styles, however, and kept looking through their site.  

I found that for the women's flat they actually recommend you order down a size and they make sizes up to 10 for women.  Success!

I was super excited and attempted to order a pair. Being a small company sizes and styles go in and out of stock quickly.  I signed up for their waiting list and within a week I received an email that my size was back in stock.  I immediately ordered a pair and in three days, they were in my hands and on my feet.

Mohinder's shoes recommend that not only do you order a full size smaller (for the women's flats only), but the shoes should actually be tight when you get them.  Surprisingly, they were not too short, as I had feared, but my little toes pinched a bit.  Having trawled through instagram, I had seen comments that this was common.  I wore them around the house for the first evening and they stretched right out.  I instagrammed my new shoes and mentioned the fit and received a comment back within just a few minutes from Mohinders advising me to keep wearing them and to contact them should I need any assistance at all.  Don't you just love social media when it's at its best?  I surely do.

Like all natural leather products, they started to develop a patina and molded to my feet.  I have very high arches and they do not rub on the tops of my feet at all. 

They are extremely comfortable.

They remind me of a more stylish version of the huaraches I used to buy in Mexico when I was a teenager (eons ago).  Back in the day, I always had to purchase men's styles from the cobblers in Guadalajara because my feet are so large.  I loved how they fit and felt on my feet.  The natural leather wore like iron, but the style always left me a bit wanting.  I wanted the cute styles that were made for women.  

Now I have something very close to just that.

Mohinders takes it a step further by adding a crepe sole so you won't slip on smooth floors (like concrete sidewalks, which used to happen).

You can read all about their story on their website.  Here's a link:

I recommend them!


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