Saturday, January 9, 2016

PBS in January -- Stream It for Free

Sherlock on PBS

One of the downsides to streaming TV is I have found that it is nearly impossible for me to watch television programs on anyone's schedule but my own.  Broadcast tv does have some shows I would like to watch, but anything after 9pm is definitely out (I'm in reading in bed by then) and putting tv shows in my calendar just seems odd to me.  

Fortunately, I can get my PBS fix by streaming and it's free.  I'll tell you how and what shows look good right now.

You can stream PBS shows in HD for free through either a Roku device or Apple tv.  I suspect Google Play and Amazon Fire also offer PBS. Scroll through your channel options and you will find PBS.  Netflix, Amazon, and Apple will also take you hard earned money and rent or sell you the shows, but PBS always has them for free, albeit for a limited time, so be sure you find the PBS channel and stream you content for free.

You can also stream PBS' offerings on your computer, tablet, or phone also for free.  Just download their app.  They have improved the viewing experience though their app, so if it's been more than six months, you may want to try this option again.  The interface for me wasn't stable and the app would often crash, but they have fixed those issues.

Here's what I'm watching on PBS in January:

  • Sherlock -- Season 4.  I cannot recall a pair that has more on screen chemistry than these two actors.  I am so glad they did another season and  I cannot wait to watch.  It appears to have been shown January 1 and will be rebroadcast on January 10 (at 10pm) and available on on January 11.  Watch this one while you can.  I don't know if January 11 is the only day it is available.
  • Downton Abbey, the Final Season.  Yes, I'm watching it and unless you've been living in a cave for the last four years, you know about it and are either in our out.
  • Mercy Street -- Civil War, Ridley Scott, PBS.  Starts on January 17th and should be available to view online the following day.  I am intrigued!  I love period dramas.
  • In Defense of Food -- Michael Pollan.  I haven't watched yet, but at least one episode is up and ready to view.
  • Chuck Norris vs. Communism -- Independent Lens.  Not sure when this is going to be viewable, but I've added it to my watchlist.  The 80's in Romania.  Movies that sparked a revolution.  Can't wait!

What are you watching these days?  What do you recommend?

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