Friday, January 22, 2016

Zappos Happy Returns

Shortly before Christmas, I received an email from Zappos about a new program they were offering.  It is called Zappos Happy Returns.  The first 500 callers to contact them the day after Christmas would receive a $100 gift certificate if you agreed to send them an unwanted gift you received for Christmas.  They will donate all of the items received.

I set my alarm clock for 5:50AM HST so I would be awake in plenty of time to dial my phone at 6AM (8AM Las Vegas time, where Zappos is located).  I managed to be one of the lucky callers and Zappos emailed me a UPS label to use to send in my gift.  That's right, I didn't even have to pay postage for the item I was sending them.  

Today, UPS dropped off a shoe-sized box with my gift certificate inside.  Also received from Zappos in an email was a 20% off code, which means I can now shop for a $125 pair of shoes absolutely free.  How amazing is that?

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