Friday, February 12, 2016

Avocado, the Poor Man's Butter

I remember being in a small store in downtown Hilo a few years ago when the shopkeeper's friend came in to give her a scone as a treat.  She said, "Oh, I just need some avocado to butter it with".  

Being a curious sort, I butted in and she was happy to explain to me that when she was little (I am going to guess she was in her 70's or 80's at the time of our conversation), butter was too expensive for families to afford so they always used avocado as a spread instead.  Avocados literally fall off the trees around here and thus, are very inexpensive.  There are also many different varieties, Haas not being one of them.  You can find them three to a dollar at farmer's markets.  

They are a superfood and loaded with fiber and good fats.  I am trying to incorporate them more into my diet and I love them on toast.  I love that making healthy food choices is often the most affordable option around here.

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