Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where We Live -- Our Neighbors

When I'm home, I often think our lives could be hash tagged with #SingleWallLife.  

When you live in a single walled dwelling with the windows constantly open, you get to know your neighbors whether you want to or not. 

We have lived many places over the years and often have had a close connection to at least one of our neighbors, but in Hawaii, it goes to a whole new level. 

Here's the lowdown:
  • There's a guy down the street near the chickens that coughs up a lung every morning.  We can hear him from nearly every part of the house. HowManyLungsDoUHave
  • The guy next door snores.  Loudly.  Every night. If I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I can hear him sawing logs. #HowDoesSheStandIt
  • The same house loves to drink on the weekends.  We have lost count of the number of times the following steps have occurred:
    1. Drinking
    2. Loud singing -- usually Country Home by John Denver
    3. Passing out
    4. Puking
    5. Threats to pour all the liquor in the house down the toilet
    6. Showering
    7. Snoring 
    8. #FutureLiverTransplant
  • Two houses next door to each other across the street are occupied with elderly folks that went to elementary school together. #OMGSoCute
  • Lots of kids in the yard behind us, but mostly on weekends.  I would guess shared custody.  Those kids love to play outside and I have yet to hear them fight.  The sound of kids happily playing is a joyous thing. #Princesses
  • Our other next door neighbor who insists Larry call her grandma, when I suspect she is only about ten years older than him. #HeAintThatYoung
  • Family just down the street that is three generations.  So much laughter heard from this home.  Very few arguments, but when they occur they are often the young couple, and man, are they entertaining.  Remember the fights you had with your partner when you were twenty?  #Drama
  • Neighbors up the street.  We refer to them as the Winchesters.  If you don't know about Sarah Winchester, check out the Winchester Mystery House.  Much like Sarah Winchester, this family just keeps expanding their house, although I doubt they have built stairways to nowhere like Sarah did. #KeepBuilding
  • Neighbors across the street.  The sweetest couple you could ever meet.  They've lived there over twenty years.  The heart of the neighborhood and very welcoming.  They bring us food and plant starts all the time and we reciprocate with butter mochi. #DaBest
The folks that walk by the house are equally entertaining.  Our realtor, who is super informed about Hilo, advised us that our street was often used to cut through to 7-11, so we knew this in advance of our purchase.  Her description was spot on.  I'm a people watcher, so what could be better than having a show 24/7 right outside my door?  

We get people walking by day and night heading to or from the store.  They are on foot, on skateboard, on electric scooter, electric wheelchair, and bicycle.  An amazing number do this while chatting on the phone.  In fact, I have never seen so many people talking on cell phones.  I use mine so rarely to make calls that sometimes I forget that is supposed to be it's primary function.  Around here, people use their phones to make t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e  c-a-l-l-s.  

At work, when I mention where we live, sometimes I get a funny look that says, "why would someone not from around here choose that neighborhood to buy a house?"  Living this closely to other people is not for the uninformed or faint of heart and the locals know it.

I find it vastly entertaining and would not change it for the world.  I am not here to live tentatively.  I want to grab life with both hands and hold on for a crazy ride and I want a neighborhood that is alive in both good ways and bad.  I want to experience everything Hawaii has to offer and to do that I need to live at it's heart and the heart of Hawaii is it's people...#AllOfUs.

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