Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Rainy Saturday Morning

Lilikoi Blossom
It has been so dry here thanks to el nino.  As if we actually moved to a dry, tropical locale rather than the wet one I know.  Finally, it's been raining most of the night and I woke to the sound of gentle rain hitting the roof.  

Thinking of the rain makes me think of all of the plants getting watered the natural way. We bought more plants last weekend when we took a holoholo drive up to Honokaa to visit a nurseryman there.  I am particularly excited about the lychee tree we bought, which we can successfully keep pruned to about 12-15'.  We also bought a few scented plants, including a pua keni keni tree, pikake plants, and star jasmine.  We are going to plant the fragrant plants and different points on the compass around the perimeter of the house, so depending on which way the wind blows, we will get a different scent inside. 

Olfactory wind chimes.  

Our other plants are doing fairly well.  We lost a banana plant early on, with some sort of bug infestation.  The Plant It Hawaii
s (it's a nursery near here) semi annual sale is in about a month so we will buy more bare root apple banana stumps there (about $6 a piece) and I'm sure lots of other things.  Some of our pineapple starts are progressing nicely, particularly the ones we bought from the farmers market in Puna.  I am hoping they are white pineapple, but I can't recall.  It'll be a surprise.

Our property was a rental for a number of years before we bought it and we are pretty sure there was a scorched earth policy in place with regard to all living things.  Round up is still used liberally in these parts, and we think that's why it is taking some of our plants longer to get established.  We'll, actually, they start to establish just fine, then they seem to stop advancing.  We are composting as quickly as we can and I am encouraging Larry to top dress the plants as much as possible.  What is the half life of Round up?  Thankfully the warm moist air means we can make compost very quickly.

Much of the property is also covered in gravel -- the volcanic kind, of course, and we are contemplating whether to move it or keep it.  I'd love to have pavers with moss or grass growing in between them at the front of the house, but we need a solid plan before we begin and that hasn't materialized yet.  I have the name of someone who does yard work and I'm wondering if it's time to give him a call for some professional advice.   

Well, no need to make any decisions in haste.  Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy this quiet morning, listening to the rain and the cooing of the doves.

Enjoy your day!

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