Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gardening on the Cheap

The cheapest way to get more plants in your garden or home is to propagate them yourself.  Here's a list of what we've been creating more of:

Spider plants - in just a few months, we have three babies from the parent plant with two more coming soon.

Dracena - cut them off in the yard, and stick them in a pot.  They grow like crazy.

Ti plants, Aloe Vera -- gifts from our kind neighbors.

Cabocha  -- growing from seed

Lilikoi, Papaya, Mango, Avocado -- these have all set seed from our compost pile.  We have carefully dug them out and planted them in pots.

Pineapple -- we are growing them from both seed and cut tops.

I am on the search for other houseplants we can add to the spider plants.  Dracaena is one possibility, but around here they grow to the size of trees and are used in the yard as large bushes.

We have tomato seedlings (every seed sprouted except for one) and pineapple seedlings (man, they're cute) slowly growing in peat pots.  Larry has started a raised bed in the yard, so I'm going to order beans, bok choy, lettuce, cauliflower, and onions (from seeds).  With a bit of luck, we should be in the vegetable business in no time.

Our favorite plant wholesaler should be having their spring sale soon and we want to pick up some more dwarf bare root bananas.  One of our bananas is off to a pretty good start, but the other one was overtaken by some sort of bug and died.

I suspect the property management folks has a scorched earth policy when it came to yard maintenance around here.  The favorite yard spray in Hawaii is, sadly, round up and it may be some time before the ground is completely fertile again.  Thankfully, with 130 inches of rain a year, it will eventually leach through the soil.  

I'll post some updated photos of our yard over the weekend on Instagram.  They'll show up on the blog along the right hand side (when viewing from a computer).

Have a great weekend!

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