Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Headspace Update

Actually, it's not much of an update.  It's been a little while since I've meditated.  I need to come up with a plan to get back on the wagon.  I've been discussing it and reading a bit on the internet.  I have found some kindred spirits that are equally challenged, so I am going to assume that this is a common stop on the meditation road.

Here's a blog post that I found relevant:


Here's what resonated with me in that blog post:

  • I, too, meditate in bed.  Our house is small, as is Wakako's, and meditating in any other room just feels uncomfortable to me.
  • I like that the very first thing she does in her day is meditate.  What would happen if I devoted my first ten minutes of every day to this practice?  No worries about forgetting or trying to slip it into some other part of my busy day.
  • She committed to meditating every day for 100 days.  She was also committed to not beating herself up if she missed a day...or three.
  • She kept an open mind and didn't let any preconceived notions about meditating or it's results limit her.
Another interesting conversation occurred in text form, where I listened to a friend express my same frustrations about the some (or nearly all) of the "packs" in Headspace.  I still really like (and recommend) the product, but many of the packs go into visualization, which for now, just don't seem to resonate with me.  Now, it may be that is exactly the point and I should persevere through them, but I think at this point, I need to stay focused on developing my habit of meditating.  I can focus on different types of meditation later.

So I think I will follow my friend's suggestions and stick with the pro-packs for now (less talk and visualization) and see if that works for me.  Just after I made that decision, I received a canned email from Headspace with advice to go back to the pro-packs after doing one of the other subject packs.  

Hmm, great minds think alike or what?

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