Thursday, April 7, 2016

Local Birds

I love to watch birds.  All wildlife, really, but birds are some of the most accessible.

One of my favorites is the Kolea, also known as the pacific golden plover.  Anyway, he's a local and fun to watch.  His expression is of bewilderment, as if to say, "what are you doing here", which is what I imagine him saying to all of the introduced species of birds, only they don't understand what he is saying because they don't speak the local language.

Here's a picture:

He's pretty funny looking with those long legs when standing on your neighbor's rain gutter.  They like to hang out on lawns, too.  I'm waiting to see their feathers change during mating season.  They are rather quiet, calm birds.

We also see nene -- in town.  They hang out by Reed's bay and beg for food.  They'r endangered and protected, so leave them alone.  

Recently a German tourist was prosecuted for killing a nene with his golf club.  He said his wife was terrified of geese and it approached them in a menacing fashion.  That doesn't explain why he felt the need to drive over it with his golf cart was well.  He received an $11,000 fine and one year's probation.  He was quoted in the paper as not understanding what all the fuss was about over killing a goose.  Please behave better than that.  Karma will reward you.

From time to time we also see the native hawk, io, flying up high.  They are buff colored and the sun makes their wings glow.  We almost always see them in pairs.

On the west side of Hawaii, they are trying to reintroduce the native Hawaiian crow, Corvus Hawaiiensus, which has been extinct in the wild for a number of years.  

Pretty ordinary looking crows, but I wish them well.

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