Thursday, April 21, 2016

What's on my Needles

After several months of not knitting, I've once again taken up the needles and started (and finished) some projects.  Having moved to such a warm, humid environment, I figured my knitting would be relegated to household items and the occasional gift.  Who needs warm things in 80 degree weather?  Well, it turns out, I do.

While there are only one or two "sweater days" here (when the temps drop into the 60's in the morning), one can be a little chilly when the temps drop into the 70's.  People say your blood thins when you acclimate to Hawaii and your tolerance of temperature changes decreases.

I suspect that people in warm environments have less brown fat, which could account for this inability to warm up.

Anyway, I find myself knitting scarves and shawls, which come in handy when in an air-conditioned room or in the wee morning hours and the temperature is a nippy 60 degrees.

Here is my current project:

It's an infinity scarf made from Purl Soho's Line Weight wool/linen yarn.

Knitting keeps my hands and brain engaged while I watch tv (and hopefully food out of my mouth).

I'm glad to be knitting again.  I go in spurts and phases, but I have been knitting steadily since I taught myself when I was 22.

The internet has greatly expanded access to yarns, patterns, and tutorials on technique.  Virtually anything is available now whereas in the pre-internet days, you had to check the yellow pages every time you visited a new town to see if there were any yarn shops.  If you didn't have any nearby, you could mail order via a catalog from a few sources, but that was about it.  I can remember ordering a booklet that listed yarn shops all over the country since the only other way you could get that sort of information was word of mouth or ads in knitting magazines.

That was the main reason I took up hand spinning yarn in the early 90's as so few types of yarns were available.  But that is all in the past -- thank god for the internet.

One site that most knitters go to regularly is
Some describe this website as the Facebook of Knitting.  Since I don't Facebook,  I'm not sure the comparison is accurate, but there you have it.  It's a social media site, for sure, but it also provides access to thousands of patterns, often with links to free downloads or instant purchase.  Yarn shops are also represented and there are the usual bulletin boards.

If I'm looking for a pattern, it's often where I'll go first.

Another great site for projects is  This is the knitting shop, Purl Soho's site of all sorts of free knitting, crochet, and sewing patterns.  I love their style and over the years I have made many of their projects.  They provide easy links to the supplies from their shop (which has a brick and mortar store in NYC and an online presence as well, shipping out of their warehouse in CA).  I find this super convenient, as often I just want to be able to purchase the yarn and start knitting and they will always hook you up.  If you sew, embroider, knit, or crochet, check them out.

Well, enough about knitting for now.  I'll post semi-regularly about what I'm knitting, just because.

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  1. Beautiful! And very nice work! 👏🏼
    I knitted for a brief time in grade school, and would love to have the time to try again. I'll have to admit I was chilly last visit, and was just thinking on what to pack for the next... maybe knitting needles😉