Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nespresso...what was I thinking?

During the pare-down process of moving to Hawaii, I really went minimalist.  How far could I go in stripping down possessions during the move?  For the most part, I think I chose wisely and brought only what I deemed the essentials, but I did miss the mark in a few areas.

I missed my espresso.


I really should have kept my marvelous Nespresso machine.

Here's the thing:  that sucker is expensive to use to make coffee.  Each capsule costs about $0.70 plus shipping.  If you want two shots, double the price.

Here's another thing:  in Hawaii, a tall Starbucks latte will set you back $4.75.

Luckily, I had a refund on my tax return so I threw down another $200 for a Nespresso machine and am happily sipping espressos once again.

Nespresso has some new models out, one is even bluetooth, but I didn't see the advantage of having the machine turn itself on and brew and espresso -- I still have to pour and froth the milk and preheat my cup -- so I bought the Citiz, a tried and true version:

I am keeping my latte sipping to a minimum, but you have to stop and enjoy the little treats in life.  For me, that is taking a moment to make an espresso, stop, sit, sip, and enjoy.

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