Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's a Circle of Life Thing

Not my mongoose

I just watched a mongoose scuttle across the yard, grab a dove, and run back off toward the corner of the house.  God, I hope it didn't go under the house.

Yeah, it's a circle of life thing, but seriously, mongoose aren't that fast and doves have wings so what's up with that?  The dove was nearly as big as the mongoose.  The doves are clearly getting fat and lazy eating the chicken food we leave out.

I haven't seen but one mongoose in our neighborhood until recent weeks.

But I did see one on my way to work yesterday run across the street down by chickenland.  Maybe it's the same one?  In that case, I'm glad he's eating the doves rather than the chickens.

Mongoose were imported to Hawaii to combat the rat problem (which were also imported to Hawaii).  Apparently the idea looked good on paper.  Funny thing though, mongoose are active during the day and rats are active at night. So Hawaii ended up with both a rat problem and a mongoose problem.  And that is one of the many ironies that is Hawaii.  If it bugs you, don't move here. Seriously.

Oh yeah, and they have red eyes.  Evil glowing red eyes.

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