Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This is Joan
This is Joan the hen.  We first met her several months ago when she was shopping the neighborhood for a new place to hatch chicks.  She raised four babies (three are still around) and brought them by twice a day for months for breakfast and an early dinner.
Such a sweet hen, but let me tell you, nobody messes with Joan.  As soon as she was within 15 feet of the feeders in the carport, any other chickens would scatter with great speed.  Anybody not paying attention was immediately schooled by Joan.  She makes this chicken growl that is deep, throaty, and very threatening -- which I, of course find endearing.  And she's fast, chasing off any other chickens that get too close.
I don't always pay attention to my "chicken cam" these days as I am busy at work, but I did notice yesterday afternoon that the "wee babs", who are no longer wee, strapped on the old feedbag without Joan.  I must say, I was a little concerned, but didn't pay too much attention (hoping for the best).
The other day we had our first sunny weekend day in a few weeks so I was doing my best to enjoy it by sitting out on the porch knitting.  I love to watch the birds, so my eyes stray from the yarn in my lap regularly.  My eyes caught some movement across the street in the neighbor's yard and it was Joan.  I watched her as she made only what I can describe as an "overly casual not to draw anyone's attention" meander across the street to the back side of our house.  Sure enough, she came by for a solo meal then headed back across the street bobbing and weaving as she quietly headed back under some bushes on the other side of our neighbor's house.
Joan, do you have another nest?  I think you do.
I cannot wait to see her new babies and am so glad she picked our neighborhood again to raise her babies.
My fingers are crossed it will be a smooth incubation and delivery.

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