Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lightning iPhone Cables (Charging Cables)

If you have ever owned an iPhone, I am sure you have experienced the crappiness that is the charging cable.  They are so poorly designed, they self destruct typically in a year to eighteen months.  The weakest point is the part of the cord right behind the part that plugs into the phone.  If you kink it at all, it tends to fray rapidly and become unuseable in a very short time.  They also have issues with overheating.  Even if you don't have a problem with your cable, they turn a gross yellowish color over time.  I finally had enough and set out to find a suitable replacement.  I am glad to report I have one.  In fact, I have a solution for charging cables for any type of phone and as a real plus, the cables I found are attractive and a pleasure to use. Here they are:  Anker cables  
It comes in a few colors, so don't be afraid of the pretty pink color (although) I do have a pink one and love it.  I also have a space grey one and love that, too.  The cables can be found in 3', 6', and 10' lengths, possibly more.  I use an 8' one by my bedside to charge my phone and iPad.  I carry a 3' one in my everyday bag.  I have been using them for over three months and am over the moon with the quality of these cables. AND THEY ARE CHEAPER THAN THE REPLACEMENT CABLES APPLE SELLS!!!!! So feel free to order yourself a safe, new certified charging cable for your devices.  Be sure to purchase the proper one for your phone (iPhone, Samsung, etc.).  You will not be sorry. Have a great day!

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