Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Our First Papaya!

Today was a landmark day on our little slice of this planet: we harvested our first papaya from seed. These babies were born in our compost pile and transplanted.  We will have them for breakfast when they are a bit more ripe - probably the end of the week.  
This morning we also harvested our first white guava.  I didn't even know that tree was bearing fruit. It was planted a year ago from a gallon-sized seedling. It is delacately flavored and has a beautiful fragrance.  
And finally, that is a poha berry ( cut in half). Looks a bit like a tomatillo when it's growing but it is smaller than a grape and tastes a little like a sour cherry -- makes great jam and is also good dipped in chocolate or inside mochi.  We planted the bushes from four inch pots over the summer. They grew fast. I think we're going to need more than two bushes if I ever want enough to male jam with. 
Life is good on the farm. Our growing area is maybe 40' by 30' and we are trying to grow as much food as we can in the space. I can't wait to harvest bananas one day. We have 6 or 7 trees so at some point we may be inundated -- sort of like zuchinni season on the mainland. Some day. 

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