Thursday, November 10, 2016

Plant It Hawaii's Semi Annual Plant Sale

I have written about Plant It Hawaii's semi annual plant sale on a couple of occasions previously.  They are a plant wholesaler (mostly fruit trees) on the Big Island.  They are only open to the public twice a year and we try to go every time.

This year, we were able to purchase a pulasan tree.  Pulasan fruit looks somewhat like a cross between a lychee and a rambutan.  They are rarely seen at the farmers market and are not yet farmed on the Big Island (that I am aware of).  It is my favorite of this type of fruit, with lychee being second (which we purchased at our last trip to this sale).

We also picked up a couple more bare root dwarf apple bananas and a dwarf clementine.

I love the idea of gathering fruit from our yard.  We have mangoes, papaya, lilikoi, and avocado that have set down roots in our compost pile (which we have moved to the other areas of the yard).  The papaya has lots of fruit growing as does the lilikoi.  Soon we will be pulling papaya down from the trees for our breakfasts.

Also growing well are our pineapples, which we also get for free.  We simply save the tops and plant them.  Farming is a slow process, however, and we will not see any pineapples for at least another year.

We are still learning about growing food in our new home.  We do have some tomato plants that grudgingly give fruit.  We certainly have not mastered something that was once so simple as growing a tomato and yet, when we turn the compost pile, we have hundreds of papaya seedlings every time.  So, gardening continues to be a bit topsy-turvy, with easy things being difficult to grow and hard things growing without any work at all.

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