Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Semi-Brief Update

The Technicolor Twins

Just a little update after a month long absence.  I managed to catch the cold that was going around about a month ago and was laid low for about three weeks.  It actually felt more like the flu in intensity, but that part of the cold only lasted about four days.  I've been hitting the sack pretty early and really not doing much more than knitting (besides working).

I managed to complete a hat for Larry for Christmas.  I am pleased with how it turned out.  It is Harry Potter themed and features Hedwig delivering mail.  It's a stranded fair isle pattern found on Revelry.com.  The wool is a cashmere blend that is super soft.  I told him explicitly not to throw this one in the washer.  You would think a guy married to a knitter for thirty years would know these things.

I also finished a pair of Christmas socks, which he has been wearing, like a good boy to work. Currently I am working on a linen blanket and yet another pair of socks.  I am enjoying the blanket project, but am still knitting the squares that I will ultimately crochet together.  I have something like 43 squares and need either 56 or 63, depending on how big I decide to make the blanket.  Blanket making is new to me  - it's kind of a bucket list thing since it takes devotion and focus to finish such a big project.  I am determined to see it through.

Stevie, our kitchen gecko, suffered a serious mishap two weeks ago, ending with a severed tail and a gecko gone into deep hiding.  Until today.  We were so happy to see him once again, although he is a mere shadow of his former self.  We are all very fond of him and are very happy to see him returned to the fold.

Perhaps we should call him Stumpie for now.  

I cut open a lilikoi and set it out for him.  He enjoyed liking up the juice very much.  Larry also left out a nice pineapple top for hime to crawl around on.  He is a big fan of hanging out on anything green.

The chickens are doing well.  We haven't seen Buffy for a few days, but I did spy  Little Brown Hen earlier today and I haven't seen her in quite a few weeks.  The rest of the crew stops by at least twice daily.

Yesterday morning, while Larry was attempting to get some much-needed shut eye, the chickens made the strangest noises for quite awhile.  I searched online and found that chickens can make more than 30 vocalizations, so it may be awhile before I have this while chicken communication thing figured out.

I hope you survived and perhaps even thrived during the holiday season.

I am happy to report mine has been quite thus far and free of any excessive drama -- just the way I like my holidays.